1. What does DAS stands for?
DAS is a short form from Dewi Artworks Station. DAS is registered under the name Dewi Artworks Station. The registration no is 002186680-V, and was registered on 23 December 2012.

2. What is DAS?
DAS is a platform for us to blog on crafting. We like the fact that we're getting to make friends and know alot more of people from blogging and also gets to host fun giveaways here. DAS is also a place where we're able to sell our handmades.

3. How can we contact you?
We read email and are nearly 24/7. We can drop me an email at dewisartworkstation@gmail.com. We have Facebook Page too (Dewi's Artwork Station).

4. Where do you get your crafting supplies?
We get them either from local stores or online suppliers, or if extremely necessary for that crafting material we'll pay extra to get them from oversea retailers.

5. Do you help advertise or accept sponsorship?
We've been really happy that some likes this blog as much as we do. If you would like to sponsor/advertise about your shop or website in DAS, kindly email us at dewisartworkstation@gmail.com for discussion.

6. When will there be the next giveaway?
For easier reference,just check what's new and going on in this blog at our sidebar.