Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Captivatedillusion Giveaway

Closing date: 1st July 2011

Some of these might help you to improve your skills, etc (as per your request) :
  • Make your blog interesting as possible: it doesn't mean that you have to pay for it. you may search free one online, or maybe if you know anyone can do for you for free it will be better, of course! Use some colors etc. It's art anyway :)
  • Try use some photo edit application like photoshop or maybe just photoscape like the one i did for your banner (above)
  • If you have better camera, then use it. The uniqueness of your handmade can be shown by using photos. So... you get what i mean right? hehe... Good quality might get people's interest. Who knows :)
  • Put shoutbox: it's not only for 'i link you, link me back' concept thing. it's more than that. It's marketing & traffic-stuff (if you get what i mean). Good for the business too. I hop into your blog and blog about this giveaway because you left your link somewhere - I forgot :P. It's through shoutbox. yeah :D
  • It will be much more better if you setting your write comment section as pop-up window. Future/potential customer may drop their comment while browsing your item.
  • Do not put unnecessary widget. I know you don't. But who knows in the future you will? :)
  • If possible, to make it neat, every post, u edit your photo 1st. Take photo with different angles and combine them into 1 photo (like i do). Simple application like MS Power point will do :)
  • As for the skills... i share something that might useful to you...since im a crafts person too: the blanket stitch - make it neat as possible, like 0.5cm x 0.5cm. sure will look nice one :)
  • The stitches, you may use embroidery thread to make it looks charming :)
  • Don't afraid to use striking colors for your product. For example shocking pink + turquoise blue.
  • Diversify your product.
hm... not much for the skills i can share with you here... well practice makes perfect, right? :)

good luck with your business :)


Nenek Fasola said...

semua barang2 cantik n comel ^_^

ape2 pun.jemput singgah blog nenek http://penglipurlarafasola.blogspot.com/ kalau nk follow skali pun ape salahnye.hee

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

terima kasih :)

Anonymous said...

hi dear, thx for joining ya!
btw thx for the suggestions, alhamdulillah sangat berguna. im improving insyaallah.
do check out for updates at the blog :)