Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giveaway: The Winners are...

Update on Strawberry Giveaway

There are 54 participants
who join the giveaway
Therefore total in points are 159 (less 1 :P)

but..before that, to make it transparent with you, especially to those who involved
on how the winners will be chosen...

do click here - list of participant
and here - total points

ouch... not clear!

1. 116 : Haslina Hasim
2. 128: lizawati
3. 99: Fadzillah Kamarudin
4. 139: PinkUmmi
5. 12: Nur Fa'izah Raziqin
6. 47: Siti Murni Hidayah
7. 156: Noor Aini Yusof
8. 126: Maizatul Amira


What will you get will be a secret..shhh..

I would like to thank you (all) for joining my 1st Giveaway
and to the winners, please email me your details:-

email me at:


taufikmaria said...

tahniah sume pmenang..

hiDAyah_muRNi said...

alhamdulillah~ eh btol ke saya tu.. wee~~

CL7 ✿ Cottage said...

congratz to them ^^

RARA aihara said...

wah...sipi-sipi yer terpilih...
terima kasih =)

PinkUmmi said...

alhamdullillah rezeki lagi..
thanks :)

Fadzillah Kamarudin said...

thanks dear...
kejap saya email...

KyLeLina said...

Alhamdulillah...1st time menang GA nih...teratas lak tuh...
time kasih byk2.

ainie yusof said...

nape hadiah xsmpai2 lagi ni...xsabar dah ni...hehe :)

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

tgh tggu lagi 2 org pemenang utk bg details diorang, baru sy release semua :)