Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DAS Contest Result

the 3 days contest was held on the 12 - 14 August 2011
and I think the contest has achieved the target
to collect as many ideas to improve DAS product and other details
so that DAS can serve a better service, good quality product & etc

recently I have many ideas in my head
but then I don't know when to make them into reality
too busy on making customers' order until I can't find the best time for me to create them
hm.... maybe I should take a break from taking any order..?

there are several ideas which I think I can adopt them
and some of it I already applied into the business
such as order form... and now I'm in the middle of make over the blog;
the layout, the widget and some tiny matters to make the blog a friendly user

ideas like creating product based on all time favorite artist like Kpop...
seems quite impossible for me... maybe as for now
because I don't have the talent to sew or create people's face
(I know we have to fail several times before we succeed)
but then, let us on hold the idea first. teeheehee :P

Discount - I do give discount to return customer and for bulk order :)

Membership Card - hm.... what should I do about this?
Points? Will think about this..

Create more practical product; suitable for all - youngster, adult, men, women, old..
yea.. that's what I have imagined since ages. too busy
should find some time to do all this things
I must.

After all all the ideas above can be shown into this mind map
looks familiar?

this mind map I copied from a blogger
(hope you don't mind, sis)
I don't copy your poem =.=
for full explanation, visit here

why I copied this is because I love the way she gives the ideas, and the idea itself...

who is she?
visit here to see her blog

Congratulation to Nida

Nida, please email me your details:
Name, address, tel. no and 1 product of your choice (below RM10)


Nida n' Hanafi said...

Ya Allah.... Alhamdulillah, berita gembira di pagi hari.. syukur.

Jutaan terima buat penganjur kerana sudi memilih n3 Nida sebagai pemenang, Nida sudah sent details, harap selamat diterima (fuf323@gmail.com)

Terima kasih sekali lagi :)

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

tq ;)