Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Order: Wi - Ipad Case & others

An Ipad Case
with pocket in front - to put the wires
while at the back, flora with purple beads motif

Hello Kitty Purse
Can fit in RM5 without folding it
suitable for school kids (since they don't bring so much money to school) and adults too
this picture was taken before i put the whiskers
(just realized i didn't sew the whiskers when i want to pack them up)

as an addition to my zipper collection,
for the first time ever i made a round coin purse

yeay! a cute monkey's head
i also made zipper charm using floral glass bead and a tiny bell

do comment please :)

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stitchNknot said...

Cute monkey~~ Love it!

Just one suggestion though. Why don't you use monkey-related-charm for the zipper? Banana made from felt maybe?

Hehe.. just my 2cents though :) Nice work, btw.

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

i've been thinking on that too...
but then at that time i saw beads everywhere (sepah dlm bag) so i just used lah :))