Monday, October 3, 2011

Brooch: Big Fluffy Bow

made of felt, stuffed with poly fiber filled
made this for myself

and this is how i used this big bow:

how is it?
i reused the what tiny gray embellishment (don't know what its called)
to make my bow cuter and match with the shoe
i just love the shoe til i don't wanna throw them away
teeheehee.. :D

this big fluffy bow goes for RM4/each

interested? fill in the order form ;)


mira said... ar!^^ baeekk punya nie..n btway kasut tu mcm sy punye..hahahaha..same kot cuma sy punya wane putih..hihi~
akk yg baek hati buat la tutorial cmne nak buat brooch tu :)

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

haha..sonang ja ni dik...
nnt akk rajin akk buat yek...
tgh byk order :D