Sunday, January 22, 2012

Order: Sakura - Sataka Gintoki

ever heard of Gintoki? i don't know until this friend of mine ask me to do this character :P
let's view some item that i've made

first time (after long long years) i buat muka org semula..
1st attempt was a character from Avatar. the boy. i forgot the name already (time flies)

let's view one by one OK? :)

a desktop magnet
love this piece

sataka's head keychain/hp strap
look alike? no? hm... but the owner said she like it... so i think.. ok la kot.. haha

last but not least..
a bookmark
this was trial version for sataka...
i gave this for free to Sakura.. :)
will quote the price later if you wish to have this kind of hmm...item :D

interested? fill in the order form

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