Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ID Card Holder

ID Card Holder

left (atas ke bawah):-
1. peach
2. light pink
3. maroon
4. dark pink
5. red

right (atas ke bawah):-
1. turquoise
2. light blue
3. purple
4. orange
5. yellow

only 10pcs available (1st come 1st serve basis)

basic price: RM10

* price may vary according to the material of embellishment used

to order please click here

1 comment:

Unknown said...

These ID card holders are a good idea. I'm planning to have one. And, the only thing missing then, is a Printed/Non-printed Lanyard. Both goes perfectly and cool together. Discover a more fun and exciting way to wear ID's now and work it with style. Thumbs up ;)!