Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Order: Jayla - MM fabric covered button brooch

it has been quite some time DAS haven't update anything...
DAS more active on FB compared to blog

so here we are... updating latest order by Jayla
muslimah and mushroom custom printed fabric covered button brooch

120pcs altogether 

RM1/pc for custom design fabric covered button (brooch)
size: 22mm

for any other design (any fabric from us or u can send yours to us):
1pc : RM1
10 pcs: RM9.00 
50 pcs: RM40.00 
100 pcs: RM70.00 
200 pcs: RM150.00 

1 pc : RM1.20
10 pcs: RM11.00 
50 pcs: RM50.00 
100 pcs: RM90.00 
200 pcs: RM170.00 
500 pcs: RM400.00 

till then :)

any inquiry or to order, please fill in the order form

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