Thursday, April 24, 2014

Design: For your Business

Getting bored with your business's blog header, cover photo....?
Need something new and fresh for your business?
We can help you ;)

We are currently into design artwork to be precise (don't ask us to build html coding for your website)
but we still can assist you in building your website (to the extent in our knowledge lah)

What we can help you are these ways:-
1) Design blog header (you have to give us the size of your blog's header. the H x W)
2) Design FB cover & profile photo
3) Design business logo
4) Design & print your business banner/bunting for events
5) Design & print business card
6) Design & print stickers
7) Design & print letterhead
yada yada yada..basically anything related to design & printing

Pricing (I can bet this is what people always want to know) ... 
For artwork design the range (for blog header, fb cover photo, business card, stickers ....etc) RM10 - RM35
For banner & bunting... the range: RM35 - RM80

*Price depends on the complexity of the design itself

*Printing charges separate from artwork charges

anything just email us at: or send us PM on our FB page

recent order from one of our customers:-
FB Cover & profile photo

sticker/product label

business card

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