Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project: RBTers Swap Project for Sis Rosy

last, last entry I was talking about RBTers Swap Project right
if you can't recall, here's the entry. CLICK ME

well just to tell the story..Im the one who came with the idea for the group
so I was happened to be the swap leader. teeheehee :P

im using and jot down number that appeared
there were 30 of us who joined this project
quite a number right? they usually do 20 pax only...
this 30 are crafter (carving soap, felt product maker, crocheter etc) too many to list here :P
well most of us are felt product maker including me.. hehe

my swapping partner is Sis Rosy Razali
and this is what I get from her

a little pillow made of flannel, stuffing with small-small what ball
(hehe..don't know what it's called)

while me..for her is this:

a simple yet cute? (perasan sudah) Pink Frame :)
at the back i stamped with stamp letters that i ordered from gigi-planet
adorable right? hehe
I just have the opportunity to use it :)

still waiting reply from nana for fabric ink pad...
who else is selling fabric stamp pad? nana's sold out too fast! T_T

ahah! forgot to tell ya that D.A.S (me) is going to have a giveaway soon!
so, stay tuned~

any inquiry? don't hesitate to ask me at:


Siti Munirah said...

hye dewi, mcmn nak join swap project ni? mcm best jer...hihi..

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

hye back Uni..
swap project ni baru 1st time dianjurkan...da close da pun..end of june ni habis tempoh..

mgkn lain kali diorang akn anjur lagi..tak tau la kn..

pe pe bole try join RBT kat FB.. atau lawat blog RBT (kalau da update la) hahaha...

xpe..kalau lain kali ade, kite ckp kt sis :)