Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project: RBTers Swap Project

Im joining RBTers Swap Project
which is held for the 1st time ever...
more projects coming soon

this project basically is a trading between crafter
the item must be handmade & with value of RM12

my swap partner is Sis Rosy (FB: Rosy Razali)

this project will end on 30th June 2011


UNI said...

Salam dewi, mcmn nak join project ni ye? =)

Dewi's Artwork Station said...

wsalam uni..project ni da cukup org..tp kalau nk join RBT, bole gi kat link RBT (gambar otak) kat bahagian kanan blog sy..

situ ada update mcm2 projek :)