Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing Moment :)

From my observation of Malaysian crafter selling their handmade items out there, I see that sometimes some of them or maybe nearly all set their price way too low for handmade. Here, I would like to share some of my knowledge in how to price your handmade. I'm not a pro in the biz field but I read quite a lot from the net & biz books on pricing handmade/craft.

So here's what I can summarize from the info that I know.

  • The basic formula for pricing (for any biz out there) is: MATERIAL COST (including glue, label, packaging, electricity, water etc ) + LABOUR COST(time needed to complete) = BASE PRICE

Of course for biz, you won't want to sell your item in base price / minimum price (mana nk dpt untung kan?)

  • So for RETAIL PRICE (end price for customer) you should at least price it at x2 or x3 times of your BASE price.
  • For WHOLESALE PRICE normally u'll need a min order quantity & pricing should not be lower that half of the RETAIL PRICE (that's the min ok guys!). Discount should be given around maybe 15-25% depending on the order size/quantity.
  • But there is also other stuff to consider, sometimes u need check out the market price for your item & adjust the pricing appropriately.
  • For certain type of craft such as crochet, knitting & jewelry making which need skill & more labor time, the price would be concentrating on the LABOR COST more!
  • For small biz like us crafter, especially CUSTOM MADE ORDER or MADE-TO ORDER items, it is advisable to get deposit or advance fees first at least 1/2 of the item(s) price.

Just my advise, after you figure out your pricing, stick with it. Don't just simply lower your handmade price just because ppl bargain especially when it's lower than your material cost! It will be only a big lost to u except you are just willingly give your labour cost for free to every customer you have.

Oh don't be afraid to change the pricing if u need too. There will be always a fluctuation in pricing of materials you buy (eg. rise of fuel price cause yarn price to go up).

Please guys, try to set ur handmade price appropriately as u are the only one who know how difficult to make them. I always believe that the ppl who appreciated handmade (good quality & unique) are the ppl who willing to pay for the price of the handmade no matter how expensive it is. Hope that these info will help you all in your craft biz!

Majulah Kraf Malaysia! Support Malaysian Handmade! ;)

credit to : Mis Fid (MisFydKrafts)

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