Friday, January 4, 2013

Year End Giveaway Update - Part 1

thank you for your participation in this Year End Giveaway

let's check who had fulfilled all the minimum requirement
1. be my follower (blog)
2. liked my pages (fb)
3. post about this giveaway
4. put blog's link in your post
5. leave your comment
6. Malaysian

these are the names that fulfilled all the requirements:
1. Tashira (3 points)
2. Nur Amirah (4 points)
3. Zakira Imana Zakaria (3 points)
4. Jayla Jamal (4 points)
5. Nurjasyiffa Impian (3 points)
6. Clenna (3 points)
7. Hasanah (3 points)
8. Azwein (4 points)
9. Khairunnisa' (4 points)

All together there were 31 points.
Do come back later to check who's the 3 lucky winner :)

(could be tonight, tomorrow or on Sunday)


inspire bunny said...

me at no.1
but i already like your fanpage long time ago =(

my fb: inspirasi fai

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

noted & checked.. ^_^

Dewi Artworks Station said...

cik bunny:
follow blog blm kn? sy xnmpk nama...

Nur Amirah said...

sy dahfollow blog dah --'

Nur Amirah said...

follower ke 546 tu :)