Saturday, January 5, 2013

Year End Giveaway Update - Final

These are the participants who fulfilled all the requirement (latest):
1. Fahima (1,2,3)
2. Tashira (4,5,6)
3. Nur Amirah (7,8,9,10)
4. Zakira Imana Zakaria (11,12,13)
5. Jayla Jamal (14,15,16,17)
6. Nurjasyiffa Impian (18,19,20)
7. Clenna (21,22,23)
8. Hasanah (24,25,26)
9. Azwein (27,28,29,30)
10. Khairunnisa' (31,32,33,34)

1st lucky number:
Nur Amirah (myrahsipo@yahoo.com)

2nd lucky number:
Azwein Zaidein (aku_awyn@yahoo.com)

3rd lucky number:
Hasanah (noorhasanahhashim@gmail.com)

to all lucky winners, do email me your Name, Address and Tel.no . email to: dewisartworkstation@gmail.com

for those who don't win, don't worry, join other giveaway next time (in the near future). keep in touch with us to know what's new :)

and again.... thanks for joining :) May God bless you and Happy New Year!


Nisa Greennnpanda said...

congrats to the winners.. ^_^

myrah cengengg said...

dah hantar detail :)